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Thursday, 25 September 2014

a scrap fabric bunting transformation

My sewing machine enjoyed a full work out yesterday from the patchwork flag to fixing our living room curtains and this scrap fabric bunting.  I have drawers full of leftovers in all shapes and size just waiting for a project like this.  It was all very easy to construct with the help of my iron and the 'good' pair of scissors I prepared my shapes before sewing them double-sided on the machine.
As with yesterday, Jono wasn't keen on standing still for a photo with the bunting and Soph stood in for him.  She is showing you her favourite piece of material on the wall, which matches the little doll cushion I made for her a few years ago.  Sophie was laughing so much when I took the shot that her eyes closed, unintentionally mimicking the cushion - that's what I call perfect photographic timing!
Another glimpse - Jono is so happy to have something up on his walls.  They have been looking dull for too long, just waiting for me to have time to do the job.  He's delighted with the transformation but wants more, more, more.  The pressure is on now to come up with the goods.  Help!

Did your household have a 'good' pair of scissors when you were younger?

Were you like me and couldn't understand why I wasn't allowed to cut paper 
with them, especially when they did such a good job?!

Friday, 19 September 2014

this is home: reality

Home is where textas, toilet rolls and glue sticks decorate the coffee table instead of attractively styled vignettes.  Lego and soft toys litter the floor, mismatched chairs sit side by side and children's pictures multiply into uncontrollable yet beautiful piles of paper all around.
Home is where children race home from school and disappear into their favourite books, warmed by the late afternoon sun.  School uniform discarded, afternoon tea devoured, flicking through pages surrounded by loved ones nearby who are doing just the same.
Home is where the light gets in and shines upon our dreams.  Where just over two years ago a bare patch of earth was transformed into the chaos and clutter it is today - in reality not always neat and clean but a haven for our family to grow and gather together as the years go by.

What is your favourite thing about home?

PS There are only a few more days left to enter the Stanley competition - please hop on over and enter before it's too late!!

Monday, 23 September 2013

the colour coded bookshelf - want, want, want!

Have you fallen for it too?  The colour coded bookshelf?!  The bane of people who like to sort their books into genres (for they seem to have no colour boundaries), you will find yourself fossicking through your bookshelves to create a kaleidoscope of colour and intent.  My mum and step-father are on the move and we're been helping to declutter - I'm sure my work on mum's bookshelves in her study will sell the place!
I kept it simple - just the blue, red and green - and was able to merge excess books into two other sets of bookshelves in the house.  I just love how it looks and will have to vicariously enjoy it while I still can - we only have one set of bookshelves in use at the moment and they're in Tom's room.  I'm hoping that one day we can have something similar to these shelves, also incorporating my computer and office 'stuff'.
It's amazing what a great effect it has for not too much work - and it creates such a restful scene with them all sorted further into height order.  It really appeals to my latent organised side, the one I'm trying to let come to the fore... and declutter my own house...  What about you?  Have you tried the colour coded bookshelf?  Did it last?!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

brickwork apprentice

 I had a chance last week to go through our budget and face a few cold, hard realities.  The work we've been wanting to do in our garden has to be put on hold.  A particularly major part of our plans is to deck our alfresco area.  This, like the rest of the jobs, has been put on the back burner.  I had a moment of clarity on the weekend and realised we could use the left over bricks from the house to make a patio area, solving the problem of a sandy, low patch and giving us an undercover outdoor area all in one.

I thought that adopting a criss-cross type of pattern (officially known as basket weave, thanks to my old mate google) would lessen the need to keep straight lines.  It looks very...  handmade... but that's why we're here isn't it?!  We had sand left over from the mortar of the house and it needed to be put to use.  I'd also had it pegged for top-dressing the lawn/dust patch, but I had to prioritise.  The string line seen towards the top 2/3 of the picture was a late addition, and I'm not sure quite how straight everything will be once it settles in.  As per usual, we're doing it a bit backwards - should have made a nice firm sand bed first, but we kept telling ourselves it would be a temporary fix.  I'm now thinking it could be 12 months...  anyhoo!

Eventually the bricks will be replaced by decking with boxed in steps coming off it, like the ones above.  This is a great place not only for shoes, but people.  We had a lovely christening of the space over Christmas time with family...  seems like just yesterday!  By the way, the chairs in the top two pictures are new finds from the - wait for it - tip!  There is a shed there filled with things the op shop has rejected and we've been having a lovely time there!  A kennel for Minnie, old birdcages to grow climbers through, large wire baskets...  I will have to show some of my finds in another post.  Anyway, the chairs are quite grotty and will need some cleaning and covering, but they are very comfortable!

School returned today and I am looking forward to getting in to a routine again, plus sorting out the last untouched room since we moved in to the new house - my office... wish me luck!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

the 33rd house

Late last year I sat down and listed the many different houses I've lived in during my 30+ years.  When I reached the number 31 - our then residence - it was clear that my urge to live in my own home wasn't just some idle longing.

After nearly 11 years of marriage, we will soon pack up house number 32 and move into the 33rd - a home of our very own.

We can't wait!