about me

I was born into 1970s Melbourne with a vivid imagination and a great love of literature.  I come from a large, extended family and am married to Joe, an Irishman, with whom I have three children - Tom, Sophie and Jono.

I always vowed I'd have a book published by the time I was 30, but spent so long talking about it, that I ran out of time.  The next decade has almost passed and as 40 draws ever closer, I've picked up the keyboard yet again.

'Stonefruit Season' provides me with an online opportunity to exercise my writer's muscle and my photographer's eye.  The maker in me also shares the outlet - somewhere to share my creations both handmade and handbaked.

I rejoined the blogging world in 2012, after a three year break and pressing the delete button on my old blog.  Somewhat hasty of me, I know!  However, when I stopped in 2009 due to budgetary issues (it was a choice between swimming lessons or the internet!), I hadn't heard of the term 'blogging break' and didn't want to leave my blog suspended in the ether.

At the end of last year, I started all over again with 'Stonefruit Season'.  We were about to move in to my 33rd house (yes, I actually sat down and counted them all up!), which also happened to be our very first own home.  I found I had a lot to say and the internet was the perfect place to say it - and the perfect place to get in touch with other similar minded bloggers all over the world.

Welcome on board as our family of five navigate our way through the seasons, one day at a time.


  1. To mum I love how you told when you were born in this. I also like how you told us that you met a Irishman called Joseph who's my dad

    1. Thanks Soph! Aren't you lucky to have an Irishman called Joe for your dad?! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo