Thursday, 5 March 2015

the writer's edition - march 2015

Writers' events are the theme of the moment!
Lunch with Paddy O'Reilly, a Writers Victoria (WV) meet-up and Kirsty Murray's novel writing masterclass are the highlights on my writing calendar. The first two events are being held in conjunction with the Shepparton Festival, a relatively short drive for me (in country terms!) and a chance to do something in my own backyard, so to speak. I'm particularly looking forward to the WV meet-up and unearthing some like-minded literary souls.

The local theme continues in April, with Kirsty Murray's workshop in Albury - again, not too far for me to travel. A weekend immersion into the world of the novel sounds just the thing and I can't wait! Plot design, structure and pacing are just some of the topics to be covered. The workshop also provides the chance for some group feedback on a few pages of each other's writing, which I always find invaluable.

Tuesdays have become the day for me, dedicated to all things writing. My second manuscript has progressed (40,500 words) and I've spent some time getting that first chapter right in order to set the tone for the rest of the work. I have been using Scrivener which I just love and it's made the process so much easier - details in a later post, but let's just say, I highly recommend it for writers.

How are things in your creative life? 

How do you make time for it amongst your other responsibilities? 

Do you manage to fit in a workshop or two during the year?


  1. Working hard on my manuscript! I find sometimes find it difficult to juggle everything. When I'm upstairs writing, I often feel guilty about not spending that time with my kids. My husband thinks that's nonsense, so thankfully he's very supportive. xxx

    1. Good on you for keeping going! It's lovely to have support - not something you can do easily otherwise. Keep up the great work Isabelle and lovely to hear from you again!

  2. 40500 words - wow Lucy that is seriously impressive. I wish tehre were more hours in the day I really do. i dont find time to fit it all in. i just dont xx

  3. I'm so impressed that you are so many words in, Lucy. I'm struggling to make time for general writing. There seems to be so much in in my paid work and this time of year is always kid-busy as we settle them in. Hopefully soon. x