Wednesday, 11 March 2015

how a smartphone can change your writing life...

Reading my work, podcasts, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more...
When the call button on my old phone started wobbling like a loose tooth, it was time for some drastic action. I found a (cheap) smartphone and over the past month I've been discovering all the things I had missed in my pre-Android days. I'd worried about enormous phone bills, but I've disabled mobile roaming and just hook into the wifi when I'm at home or near another connection - problem solved!

Here's how the smartphone works for me and improves my writing life at the same time!

Reading my work
I can email myself a copy of my manuscript, download it and read it on the go. Great for when I'm out-and-about. Another bonus is that Scrivener (writing software I bought last year) can export to an .epub file and it's just like reading a published version of an ebook!

I can now download Podcasts directly on to Stitcher Radio and use the 'Listen Later' feature to download them. I must thank the Australian Writers' Centre for this discovery as I needed an app to download 'So you want to be a writer'. Until I bought the new phone, I thought I could only find it on iTunes and used to transfer it to an iPod. Now it's all in one place on my phone.

My writing podcast list has grown since this amazing new discovery and now includes:

* So you want to be a writer - AWC, hosted by Allison Tait and Valerie Khoo

* The Creative Penn - Joanna Penn

* The sell more books show - Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen

* Writers on writing - Barbara deMarco-Barrett

* The Writing Biz - Laura Williams

Even though I've used Instagram for a while, before now I bluetoothed pictures from my computer to my tablet and uploaded them from there. Now I can take photos on my phone and upload them when I'm near a wifi connection.  Win, win!

App installed, can access any time I'm near the afore mentioned wifi - easy! Again, something else I'm more likely to do now it's right there on the phone.

Now I can browse something on my phone and pin it from there - I'm using this program a lot more since I've installed the app. It was always an afterthought before now. Particularly good as I'm looking into book cover design...

And more
Emails, text messages, diary, notes and alarm clock all in one place. While I keep a back-up diary, the alarm clock feature is fantastic and I have reminders going off at various times of the day - school pick-up, finish work (I do tend to forget!), whatever. It's also great to set a timer for an uninterrupted writing session - no need to stop and check to see how much time is left, the alarm does it for me.

Do you have a smartphone? Have you discovered the ways it can help further your interests?!


  1. Hi Lucy! Thanks for the shout-out and, yes, my writing life was changed the instant I got my smartphone. Also, my procrastination levels, but that's a different post...

    1. Hi Allison, That's a pleasure! Honestly, your podcasts are often the voice in my ear urging me to keep writing! Hmm, the procrastination... I call it 'education'! Cheers, Lucy
      PS I've created a new website, would love it if you came across to visit -

  2. I use my phone mainly for calls, texts, audibooks and radio podcasts. I also use a running app, which is great for monitoring progress (or the lack thereof). Then there is bloglovin of course, the BBC news app and FB..... maybe I use my phone more than I think!

    1. HI Christina, you're getting a lot out of your phone too! The running app would be very handy too. Thanks for coming to visit and please check out my new website where I will blog from now on!