Friday, 19 December 2014

30 days of books for christmas - pippi longstocking

Could you imagine a more perfect collaboration than Astrid Lindgren and Lauren Child? Children's classic Pippi Longstocking has been updated in a large picture book format with beautiful, bright illustrations. Child, of Charlie and Lola fame, has created a visual feast, with Lindgren's story just as relevant and appealing today as when it was first published. My daughter Sophie (8) is mad on Pippi Longstocking's individuality, captured by the idea of someone who sleeps upside down in her bed,  feet on the pillow and head under the covers. Soph has whipped through her copy (a belated birthday present from Auntie Kate) carting it around and reading whenever she can. When a book so completely absorbs your child, it's sure to be a hit with other children too - there's still time to put one in the Christmas stocking (pardon the pun!) and enjoy!

PS Cover image via here and Picmonkey collage.

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