Thursday, 11 December 2014

30 days of books for christmas - think like a publisher

Randy Davila's Think like a publisher: 33 Tips to Write, Promote and Sell your Book is a fabulous and easy read. Davila covers publishing, marketing, editing and more.  He's big into platform building - especially creating digital points of contact between the writer and their readers.  Since I read his book, I've been prompted to widen my social network from just this blog to  Facebook, Twitter, Good Reads and Pinterest. Next up is the website, a place of my own to link it all together, something I hope to achieve in 2014.

Davila's 'How to' is something you can read from cover-to-cover, or pick a section and concentrate on that alone. His tips were of invaluable assistance with my first manuscript. I took my work apart and thought seriously about its direction.  With Davila's advice, I saw where my writing became too broad and reined it back in.  A must read for budding writers (and thank you to my 'anonymous' benefactor who saw my original post and bought it for me - I love your friendship, support and long distance phone calls. What would I do without you?!).

PS Cover image via here and Picmonkey collage.


  1. Hi Lucy, I'm loving your 30 days of books for Christmas list. So many great books that I need to read! Thanks for sharing ;)

    1. HI Jodi, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying this series! Looking forward to a slew of great books in 2015 too. Cheers, Lucy