Thursday, 18 December 2014

30 days of books for christmas - gardens are for living

The warmer weather turns our attentions outdoors. Parties, barbecues, drinks with friends and loved ones. Cast your eyes around the garden - does the setting match your ideal, or are you still hazy on the design front? Look no further than Gardens are for Living if you need help! Judy Kameon's book has fabulous ideas for all kinds of spaces. It's an American publication, but with many plants relevant to Australian conditions including succulents and our very own kangaroo paws.
Just stunning! I love the path interspersed with the ground cover thyme. And the door! Anyone familiar with photos of my own house will know I love a brightly coloured door. The tiles and plantings on the right are amazing too - I've seen what a difference variations in height have made in our garden. So much inspiration here - this copy is courtesy of our local library, but I plan on tracking one down for our own bookshelves. It looks like we'll have a busy time ahead - how about you?!

PS Cover image via here, bottom left and right. Picmonkey collages.

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