Thursday, 6 November 2014

creating a garden from scratch: before and after...

It's fair to say we landed on a pretty desolate place when we moved into our new home two years ago.  The grass had all been scraped back during the building process and we were left with a dismal mess of sand and clay.  The row of pot plants went some way to brightening the place up…  but only some!
At the start of this year, things were looking somewhat improved - the pots all planted out and even a few baby silver birches.  Patches of grass forming and a metal planter with some mixed herbs and vegetables, but still we wanted to do more...
Fast forward to yesterday (only ten months after the photo above this) and we've widened the beds - a vast, lush improvement.  The stages I've shown you will explain my continued obsession with the garden, a place that has been transformed in a relatively short period of time.

The flowers to the right were only planted out a couple of days ago, transferred from the pots I bought for Sophie's birthday.  So far they are in tact, but it probably won't be long until Jono finds them!  He's mad on picking flowers, but not always gentle and sometimes the whole plant comes out as well.

Do you have a space at home that's your obsession, inside or out?  Tell me I'm not on my own!


  1. Wow, Lucy. Don't you love before and after pics for showing you how far you've come? I must always remember to snap some befores as it really helps to look back and see the work you've put in to achieve the lovely results you've managed. x

    1. Before and after pics are so handy with a project like this, just love having them for a reference point. It just all stands out so much this year - perhaps we have done a lot after all?!

  2. How nice. My front yard is my obsession at the moment. Always lots of gaps to fill and there is still something flowering out there. As always though it is a work in progress. The ice-cream party looked lovely too.