Monday, 3 November 2014

big little lies, the vacationers and a trip down memory lane with edna walling...

It's time for a reading and watching catch-up!  I heard Liane Moriarty, author of Big Little Lies, interviewed on So you want to be a writer and loved the way she spoke in such a chatty and honest way - a sure sign I was going to enjoy her writing.  Her latest novel focusses on a school trivia night gone wrong, so wrong in fact that there's been a murder.  Join Madeleine, Celeste and Jane six months prior to the event to hear their side of the story - a fun read and I have another of Moriarty's novels, The Husband's Secret, lined up to read next.

I found Emma Straub's The Vacationers a little hard to get into, however I think it was more that things have been so busy around here, concentration has been in short supply.  Perhaps it was the novel's holiday setting that I found so hard to relate to when it's that time of year when there is never a dull moment?!   Whatever it was, I had heard such great things about this novel that I persisted and I'm glad I did.  Wonderful, biting humour - a recommended read.

Edna Walling's Gardens in Australia is research for my next book.  I love her writing style and think she would have been a whiz at social media.  Both this and Letter to Garden Lovers are among my favourites.  As well as the gems I'm finding for my work, I'm also picking up tips for garden design and plant choice along the way, taking copious notes and putting them aside for future use.  If you're unfamiliar with Ms Walling, she was a landscape garden designer whose career began in the 1920s.  The ABC has a website dedicated to her - see here for more details.

Season 4 of Treme has rolled around far too soon.  It's now 36 months post Hurricane Katrina and we have one last chance to catch up with the cast before series end.  It was only a 5 episode run, budgetary constraints apparently, but I feel it was wrapped up well.  We've had such a New Orleans vibe happening recently, through True Detective, Chef and this, that Joe and I are convinced we will have to go there one day, just to see what it's all about!

And in brief, we missed Anzac Girls when it was on television, so we've had to hire it through the library.  Lots of blood and gore - a bit too graphic at times for my squeamish stomach, but I'm doing my best to cope!  It must have been such a shock for the Australian and New Zealand nurses to be catapulted right near the battlefields, away from the relative orderliness of their former hospitals.  I'm really enjoying seeing so many young ANZAC actors doing their countries proud - loving the homegrown aspect, I'm always a fan of our own productions.

What have you been watching and reading lately?  Any recommendations?


  1. The Husbands Secret is one of my favourite books of the year - I'm just waiting for Little Lies to come down in price a bit for my Kindle x

  2. I can be hard to read about things we would rather be doing when we are distracted by life! It sounds like it was worth persevering.

    1. I know! It's the first time I was really conscious of how my overwhelming desire for a holiday was making it hard to read a book about the same subject!