Tuesday, 18 November 2014

30 days of books for Christmas - the last days of rabbit hayes

Rabbit Hayes is dying.  With only days left in the world, her family and friends gather around to laugh, love and reminisce about a life well lived.  Anna McPartlin's The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes was a novel I fell in love with straight away, wanted to read and lap up all in one, but also wanted to savour it as long as I could.  While it's an enormously sad book, it is filled with humour too - the out loud, snorting kind of laughter, particularly in reaction to the comments made by Rabbit's mother Molly, who says exactly what is on her mind.

A beautiful Christmas gift for anyone who loves reading - and pop a copy in the stocking for yourself - it's a keeper!

PS Cover image via here and collage via Picmonkey.

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