Thursday, 13 November 2014

30 days of books for christmas - stanley and the hot air balloon

Christmas wouldn't be the same without Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon.  This beautiful picture book - for children and adults alike - has stunning handcrafted sets, designed and written by blogger Kate Bruning (Greedy for Colour)…  who just happens to be my sister!  Familial ties aside, I can absolutely recommend this book without bias.  Not only is there a gorgeous storyline, you can make your own Stanley and his hot air balloon, with all patterns from the book appearing at the end.

'The book is fantastic! I love everything in it!' said Sophie (8) when I asked her opinion on why Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon would make a great Christmas present.  'In our family it would be special because the writer is our auntie.  She then said it would be special for other people too because it looks nice and it has cool writing.  Now if that's not a good reason I don't know what is!

Currently, anyone who purchases a copy of the book will receive a bonus Stanley postcard and magnet and all shipping is free!  Details here.

PS Please feel free to add your own recommendations for Christmas reading in the comments and I will add them to my 30th post.  Thank you!