Monday, 22 September 2014

the weekend: blue skies, worms and so much more!

Spring put on its finest this weekend with the most glorious weather you can imagine.  I filled the memory card on my camera twice over, just in our garden alone.  Whether it was my cup of tea catching the light just so, or the green canopy of our ash trees against the blue of the sky as I read my book on the trampoline*, the days were ripe with photographic opportunities.  We met with friends, shared a loved ones birthday (crabapple snapped on the way there) and planted strawberries to enjoy drippingly fresh from the earth.  It's hard to imagine a more perfect time of year.
Jono hunted for worms, his favourite past-time.  He has worked out the best place to find them is under the bricks that border one of our garden beds.  He moves from end to end, tipping them upside-down and collecting little wrigglers as he goes.  Jono is very proud of his efforts and tells me he is a superhero to collect so many worms!  They end up being re-housed in other parts of the garden, but have a little play with him in the meantime.
The last word must go to Marbles, lover of sunshine and straw.  He had a wonderful time soaking it all in and posing for the camera, hidden away from the kids and the dog for a spot of R&R.  Nine years old and still playful as a kitten, could it get any better than this?

I hope you've had a lovely weekend too, no matter where in the world you live!

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* I've always wanted a hammock in the garden, to no avail.  I have discovered, though, that the trampoline is even better - you can lie down and read a book in pure comfort - just watch out for the bouncing children and you will be fine!