Tuesday, 9 September 2014

the spring garden - coming back to life

Warmer weather and rain have brought the garden rushing back to life.  Every day there's something new to look at - leaves where yesterday there were sticks, blossom where there were buds.  It's an amazing and exciting time of year, particularly so with sections of garden that were lawn and are now filled with thriving plants.
This is one such area - you can see the delineation in the picture below, where the pea straw meets the grass.  We reclaimed this patch from lawn by putting the plants directly in the ground, then covering the grass with old newspaper and mulching with the straw.  It's been a very effective method and improved the soil - not to mention that every time we dig, there are worms galore - a delight to see!
This old bench is rickety and not very comfortable, but a lovely place to sit with the kids and chat quietly, enjoying the warmth of the sun.  Alternatively it makes a great springboard (see below) for those eager to take a leap! 
This beautiful gate came to us via my mum and step-father's farm.  I overestimated its height and it won't suit the original purpose I had intended.  It's been down the back of the garden and I wondering what to use it for instead.  Yesterday I had the bright idea of moving it closer to the house - it makes a beautiful garden ornament and hides a small portion of our rather pedestrian Colorbond fence.  We then planted a camellia japonica in the foreground which will look fantastic as it grows and matures.

How does your season grow?  Are you like me, forever changing and developing your garden?  Have you started a garden from scratch - do you have any tips and tricks to share?!


  1. Oh isn't spring time in the garden just the best! We just spent the weekend planting out all our new seeds and I'm so excited! We love using pea straw too, it really does make the worms happy doesn't it. I just love your beautiful old gate, what a wonderful ornament in the garden. I must keep an eye out for something similar. Wishing you a most beautiful Spring season.
    Sophie x

    1. Thanks Sophie! I actually need to order more straw now to cover another new area of garden. The gate is fabulous in its new position - last night there was even a beautiful bird (must consult the book!) hanging from it which would have made an amazing photo. I can't wait til the plants grow up around it - think it would make a perfect frame for sweet peas.