Wednesday, 3 September 2014

the book pile: recent reads

Never before have I been so glad of a marvellous book pile!  We've spent the past fortnight under the weather with a bad virus that has worked its way through the family.  There's been nothing to do but give in and ride it out.  This is just a small selection of the books that have graced my bedside table over that period, but deserve a post of their own.  Anna McPartlin's novel, The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes is one of those rush-out-and-get-it-now kind of books that pulls at the heartstrings one moment and has you snorting with laughter the next.  An absolutely brilliant must read that highlights the importance of family and friends when life is at its end.  Confesssions of a Qantas Flight Attendant is Owen Beddall's rollicking romp around the world as he dishes behind-the-scenes gossip - hilarious reading.

Anyone who's in the business of communication should take a look at Brief, Joseph McCormack's insights into how you can make a bigger impact by saying less.  His take is that people are so busy, we need to pare down our messages.  I'm all for clear communication and this book is a great first-step at how to strive for successful business relations.  Emily Gould's Friendship screamed Girls as I read the novel about two friends who met while working at a publishing house.  It seems I'm not the only one to draw comparisons - see here for more information.  Here, Home, Hope is the story of a woman at a crossroads - her two children at school, Kelly Johnson is nearing 40 and wondering what to do with her life.  Kaira Rouda's novel is a light read that strikes a real chord.

More to come in future posts, hopefully it will be business as usual from here-on in!

How have you been faring lately?  
Has the change of season brought ill health to you?  
How do you spend your days when you're struck down with cold and flu?


  1. Your reading is so High Brow compared to mine. Feeling shitty over here too.....yeeeeek

    1. Hi Leonie!

      Sorry to hear you're under the weather too, it is the season for it! it's funny, I don't consider myself a high brow reader at all, especially when it comes to literary fiction when there's only a few titles that would appeal. I just love a well written, clearly communicated story which are always elements I require in a must read. The 'confessions' book is one of those - it is hilarious, very easy to read. If you find it, let me know what you think!



  2. Completely missed this post (until now) due to... being under the weather!! Don't know what it is, but we've all got major coughs and sniffles here, plus nausea. Hope it passes soon. All the very, very best to you and yours there, Lucy xxx

    1. HI Isabelle, I hope you're all feeling better - it's moved on to my husband now, help! Maybe it's because of the change of season for you too?! Cheers, Lucy