Wednesday, 24 September 2014

patchwork flag: perfect for a child's bedroom!

The great thing about fabric is you can start making something, put it down for (more than) a few years, then turn it into something else.  The right-hand side of this flag was intended as a quilt for Tom's bedroom, but once I started piecing it together it just felt all wrong.  It's been waiting for inspiration such as this - the transformation from work-in-progress to a flag for Jono's bedroom (I did ask him to pose in front of it, but he was a tad reluctant - Soph was willing instead).
The end piece is stuffed with a cardboard roll with a mixture of thread and pins holding it together.  The eagle-eyed of you will see some loose threads which will be dealt with another day - it's a miracle I got it done and hung on the wall!  I've had a flag for the kids' bedrooms on the to-do list for years now and after the intense editing session yesterday, I needed a break - this was the perfect distraction!
When I eventually coaxed Jono up on his spare bed, this was his idea of posing - batter up!  The flag has lifted the room already which has been in dire need of a lift.  Would you believe I also made bunting?  It's hanging on the other side of the room and I think I will save it for tomorrow's post…  until then I will keep you in suspense!

Have you dusted off your sewing machine lately?  Do you have works in progress waiting for inspiration or are you someone who starts and finishes something all in one go?!


  1. Great idea and gorgeous yellow! And great models! Love me

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kate - I'm delighted it worked out so well! It was touch and go putting it all together!

  3. I love yellow. I think I might have liked a quilt made from this quilt top... but it looks great as a flag on the wall. I just made a cushion cover from a largish piece of Harris Tweed, with zip and all.

    1. It just seemed to be missing something at the time - anyway!! Well done on the zip! I have tackled them with mum's help but not done one on my own yet...