Friday, 26 September 2014

five on friday

Of the almost 30,000 photos on my computer, there are some I come back to, over and over again.  Images to print, frame and hang in my house, ones that I've had on cards and put on canvas.

* This blue urn is a family favourite, a genie bottle covered in blue mosaic tiles - an amazing creation you could stare at for hours, lost in the form and wondering at the work that went into its production.

* Roses are always a feature - currently we have blooms budding and I'm waiting (impatiently) for them to burst open in their yellows, reds, pinks and oranges - we won't be short on flowers this summer!

* The grevillea is stunning - something we're yet to plant in our garden but one of the many plants on our ever-growing list.

* The blossom one of many taken on a walk with Tom years ago - we lived on a farm with a stone fruit orchard - spring was a very special time!

* One of my all-time favourites, this echeveria was one of many in mum and E's old garden.  All our echeverias here descend from these plants which makes them very special indeed!

Do you have five on Friday to share?  If so, please leave a link in the comments.

School holidays here, so a hectic time - what's it like in your part of the world?!


  1. School has started again here - going into our fourth week now - so things are pretty busy too. Son S comes home with homework now - yikes, another thing to think of! xxx

    1. We have one more week of holidays, a couple of activities planned but nothing major! Homework is something of a challenge to get into at first and there are so many things to do at that time of day. Sometimes we do the reading part while I'm cooking dinner - I'm in one place that way and therefore a captive audience! It's become more of a juggle with 2 out of 3 kids doing homework. Think our tactics are improving as time goes by. Anyone visiting at that time of day is great to use as well!!