Friday, 5 September 2014

august instagram - floral

Florals are a big feature in the Stonefruitseason household - in August they came by way of a farewell (when Joe went back to Ireland), a slightly overdue housewarming present (!) and our own garden.  I caught our cat Marbles in his favourite place to rest - underneath a daisy bush along the fence, where the straw mulch creates a soft, warm bed out of everyone's way.  My Salinger Year (to be blogged next week) rests upon my favourite Nicola Cerini placemats, a birthday present a couple of years ago that I absolutely love.  The garden is springing back to life so there will be many more flowers to come on my Instagram account - and just wait until all my new roses start to bloom!

What have you been snapping lately?  Is there something you're waiting patiently to photograph, like me with my new roses?!


  1. This post is a reminder that I must pick up my camera again. Just yesterday I was thinking I don't take enough photos of my children. On my to-do list for today it goes! xxx

    1. I know - it's hard to remember to get the kids and they're not always around. I was out in the garden with Jono yesterday afternoon and made the most of the blue skies to get some updated pictures - the third child you know, not as many pics as the first!!!