Tuesday, 15 July 2014

winter garden: frost

The winter garden continues to give me fabulous photographic opportunities - over the past week, we've woken to an icy frost.  The red image above is the seat from the seesaw - no one used it in a hurry that day!  The oregano from my small herb garden had delicate white tinged leaves - maybe the edges are thinnest which is why the frost gathered there?  This beautiful clear blue sky no doubt delivered the frost - not a cloud to be seen.  I love this shot through the bird cage hanging in my apricot tree - no birds of course, purely decorative!

What season is it where you live?  What photos have you been taking lately?


  1. It's summer here in England...well, you know what that means! The usual mix of sunshine and showers. Had quite a bit of sunshine so far this year so my knees have been OUT!

    1. Summer a bit like our spring?!! Glad to hear your knees have been out and you've been able to enjoy the warmer weather!