Monday, 21 July 2014

weekending - the garden

The winter garden continues to impress - a beautiful pink camellia (variety unknown as it was a plant orphan in the nursery) has finally opened.  I've been watching it for the past few weeks, half wondering whether it was dead as nothing was happening.  I was delighted, then, to catch sight of this stunning bloom a couple of days ago.  Our hellebores are doing really well as plants, green and leafy and no shortage of water this season, however this is only the first flower I've seen - perhaps there are more to come.  These photos were the result of a dash late Saturday afternoon, that beautiful blue sky behind the desert ash had me running out the door.

Writing-wise, I'm up over 78,000* words now which is the first time ever.  I've been fairly close, then edited madly and had to work my way up again from 60,000.  The first 50 pages are now heavily edited and it's time for the rest.

How was the weekend?  Did you have sunshine where you were?

* 30/7/14 Just had to come and edit this post - I'd written 37,000 words instead of 78,000 - a time where proof-reading would have come in handy - whoops!


  1. Over here it's been incredibly hot - but now it's cooled down tremendously, thank goodness. The shots from your winter garden look lovely - what a beautiful tree. And good for you, working hard on the writing; working hard at it here too.

    1. I can't fathom being hot at the moment! I am really enjoying the winter garden, we have a lot more of it this year so there's more to appreciate. The camellia is in a whole new section of garden that we reclaimed from lawn. So glad to see it's worked!