Tuesday, 1 July 2014

things that make you go mmmmmmmm

Over the weekend I had the difficult job of taking photos to help launch a friend's business.  I was surrounded by chocolatey delights including homemade freckles, rocky road and chocolate spoons.  I'm sure I still have a chocolate hangover two days later!
It was very tempting for everyone in the house to have just a little taste and it worked well by way of bribery.  I particularly love this shot with the rocky road broken down, its ingredients telling the story.
The kids were delighted to try a chocolate spoon - dipped into hot milk they'll be great as party favours or just because.  
And just one more to tempt you!  Right, I think it's time for a piece of fruit!


  1. A choclate hangover is certainly a good hangover! The pictures look mouthwatering!
    Take care
    http:// crochetbetweentwoworlds.blogspot.de

    1. Absolutely Anne! Thank you re the pics, I was very pleased with them!!