Thursday, 10 July 2014

the writer's edition: month 15 check-in

Since last month's check-in, my word count has dropped below 60,000 words, climbed to 75,000 and is now sitting around 74,000 - such is the nature of editing.  I can feel my work strengthening from all the cuts and feel really pleased with where I'm going.  It's been fantastic to have good books to read during this time - beautifully crafted text helping shape my intent, my aim to have my words as well received at some point in the future.  I've booked to go to the Faber Academy in Melbourne - Getting Published, run by Sue Hines, the Group Marketing Director at Allen & Unwin and Murdoch Books.  I'm also going to a synopsis and pitch writing workshop run by Writers Victoria later in the year - essential to get these parts right!  I'm hoping to attend Write around the Murray in September, a couple of days to myself soaking up other people's words - bliss!

Just a quickie today as school holiday chaos reigns around me - everyone's still in pyjamas and we have a few jobs to do, so I'll sign off.  Until next month...


  1. Oh, isn't that just the best feeling: knowing that those cuts are strengthening and shaping the story to become the best it can be. Gives me goosebumps!

    1. It's a good feeling after it happens, slightly scary in the process though!! So much left to do though, I can see my timeline drawing out somewhat!