Friday, 18 July 2014

The big details - photography

I love close up photos, whether they're of people, plants or objects.  Their revelation of details - a child's smile or the knit of their warm winter hat.  This white chair, once my younger sister's (thank you Auntie Kate, Soph loves it!) - its wicker crisscrossed and zigzagged, a different pattern for each section.  A wine barrel, thin lines running down the wood, a small dark stain on the diagonal.  I first blogged about my love of the photographic close up in 2012, saying its almost best to check people's preferences as two of my previous employers' views on this subject varied widely: my newspaper boss said close ups were more intimate, whereas another one thought this style chopped off the top of your head, a mistake.

What do you prefer?  Are you a fan of the close up?


  1. I absolutely love (and prefer) close ups. Of flowers, plants, food, and especially children's faces, hands and feet. I don't think it's a mistake to 'chop off' a part at all: life isn't perfect and art doesn't need to be either. It often only makes the photo more interesting.
    I'm enjoying your son's (?) beautiful smile and his lovely woolly hat xxx

    1. Glad you agree! Yes, that's my son Tom, I meant to write his name in and forgot! He's had the beautiful hand knit woollen hat since he was little, made for him by my godmother. Very cute!

  2. I'm notorious for the close up, the uncluttered.....totally opposite to my brain!!