Wednesday, 9 July 2014

school holiday activities at home: indoor games

When I was a little girl we had a house at the beach - I filled the many hours of school holidays with card games, largely taught to me by our neighbours.  They were brothers - related to us through our dad - who played a grandfatherly role in our lives.  K taught us to use chopsticks, not with Chinese food, but Smarties. D was the card sharp - he passed on to me the secrets of Sixteens Patience and Clock Patience and fulfilled my frequent requests for Mars Bars and Lemonade.  My love of the chocolatey treat marked our friendship so greatly, that when I married, he brought me one on my wedding day.
The soundtrack to my children's lives will feature Connect 4 on high rotation.  Click, click, click as pieces fall into place, shrieks from the opposing player who realises they've been beaten, the deeper tone of the holder opening, the slot machine sound as red and yellow spill down.  There's no age limit to win, losing only your pride as the seven year old grins at you from across the table, another victory notched on their belt.  With rainy days ahead, we'll be seeking out more games to play, books to read and another background noise to add to the childhood soundtrack.

What indoor games does your family play?  What would you recommend?  And do you prefer card sharp or card shark, because google says it can be both?!


  1. This has brought back some childhood memories! I used to love playing connect 4 with my brother and now my kids play it too. Lovely photos.