Tuesday, 29 July 2014

photography collage: picmonkey

Whether they're levitating, holding a balloon or dancing like a wild thing, I love a good collage of the kids' photos.  This was via Picmonkey and you can push and pull the photo sizes to your heart's delight.  I left them without any spacing and used a green background to achieve the rectangle in the centre.  There's quite a few different options, so it's well worth checking out.  Going back through the photos reminds me of how many I still need to print… oh well, one day!

Do you Picmonkey?  If not, what's your favourite photo editor?


  1. Beautiful, lovely memories of these little people, love Mum

  2. There's so much I still need to learn about photography - I had seriously never heard of Picmonkey before (ouch), but after seeing your collage I'm definitely going to check it out. Another great post.

    1. Picmonkey is great as there are all sorts of different layers you can add to the photos at the press of a button - no skill required whatsoever. The customisation I achieved in the collage is just a matter of working through buttons too. Thanks for your comment, am really enjoying hearing from you in the northern hemisphere! Glad we've found each other's blogs!