Friday, 4 July 2014

june instagram and something a little bit exciting!

June on Instagram - colder weather, foggy mornings, irises in bloom.  Snapshots of our daily lives, no words required.  School holidays now - a delightful cousin fest and catching up with friends.  Library visits, coming home with bags chock full of books - even after my last haul, I still collated another trove of exciting new reads.  Making our way through Girls, so glad to finally get on board.  Editing when I can, snippets throughout the day, gaining and losing words, all part of the fun.
And the exciting part?  You may recall that I entered a Writers Victoria competition a couple of weeks ago… I was delighted to receive a High Commendation from the judges.  At some point, my piece is meant to be published - I'll let you know if is.  Realising that it could be some time before my manuscript is finished, it's lovely to receive this by way of feedback.  Onwards and upwards!