Friday, 20 June 2014

writing competition: place

I've entered a Writers Victoria competition for regional members on the topic of 'Place'.  I've only just found out about it and the last call for entries is June 23 2014 at 5pm in case you're interested!  I wrote about a part of Victoria that's very special to me, where the bulk of mum's family live.  Memoir writing - in this case connected to place - isn't something I've done for quite some time.  When we lived in Ireland I started writing about living away from home and I can see now how good it would be for the kids if I put it together for them.  Another project to add to the list!

It's funny, I'd told myself I wouldn't deviate from my manuscript, however now that I've opened up to the world about my writing, the creative floodgates have opened.  It's as though I've found my voice again and it's such a wonderful feeling.  It's meant I've let go of just doing the one thing, realising that any form of writing will help my manuscript - it's about sharpening my writing tools, so to speak, finding something that interests me and writing about it.  Who knows where it may end?!

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