Tuesday, 24 June 2014

unplugged at home - family stories

We had a reminder of pioneering life last night when the power was off for two hours.  I was so happy to remember we have a gas cooktop (18 months later it's still a novelty!) and transferred my roast lamb to a casserole pot and lit the flame.  Pretty soon, I had everything cooking with the proverbial and we had a delicious dinner.  I found a stash of tea lights and set them ablaze, then found various stumps of candles and secured them in places around the kitchen and living room.  The place had a very romantic feel, well it would have if it were just Joe and I home!!
After dinner, we sat around coffee table, snuggled on couches and chairs, telling stories.  I told them about the park across the road from our house where I lived until the end of Grade 4.  As the joggers ran past my sister and I, we used to chant 'Knees up, knees up' which I'm sure was the height of encouragement!!  Sophie said that when she has kids, she'll tell them about the day our dog took on a red bellied black snake in our garden.  Tom's story would also feature snakes, more specifically Oliver, the black snake he befriended on a farm where we used to live.  It used to stick his tongue out at him and Tom thought it was being nice…  needless to say, we were horrified when we heard of this friendship and banned Tom from that particular part of the garden!

When's the last time you sat around the 'camp fire' telling stories?!

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