Thursday, 26 June 2014

for the love of art

The first time Tom had art in Primary School, he came home with pictures made from Indian Ink.  Over the years, the work that's been brought home has been amazing, largely due to their wonderful art teacher and the untapped access she gives them to the materials in her art room.  It seems the kids are given a general theme and can choose from all manner of items to work with - I've featured Sophie's birds in an earlier post.  Our shelves overflow in particular with Sophie's clay creations - here's Olaf, who came to stay with us yesterday.

This is what she'd like me to tell you about him (by way of dictation!):

My daughter Sophie is inspired by 'Frozen' and she really likes Olaf.  In a bit of the movie, Anna and Kristoff and Sven are walking up the North Mountain to Anna's big sister Elsa's big ice castle.  In another bit, when they go up the hill, they meet Olaf and they start talking, but first Kristoff and Anna are really scared.  They throw Olaf's head to each other.  Also,when they stop throwing Anna finds a carrot and sticks it on Olaf for a nose.

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