Monday, 23 June 2014

creative kids at home

Space to create is essential in our household, with this coffee table providing the perfect surface for the smaller ones in the family.  It's ideal for standing at, sitting on or at - a small red chair just visible in the background.  The table came from my mum and step-father's farm - I was horrified to think someone else might buy it at their clearing sale, so I got in first!  It's a beautifully hewn piece of furniture with steel bars going through the slats of wood that form its top - you can just see them poking out beside Sophie's knee and on the left near Jono.  Its exact origins are unknown as far as maker and date of creation, however it's a testament to creativity in itself - very much something that would have been put together from whatever wood was available at the time.
Sophie and Jono in particular spend hours here, drawing and making and sticking and cutting.  Every so often, the creativity gets out of control, resulting in fights over scissors or disagreements over sticky tape.  And while nobody ever wants to clean up, we wouldn't be without the kids' creations - on Friday there were tigers, soon followed by background scenes and other jungle animals.  Such a simple activity requiring the most basic of materials and providing hours of fun.  Creativity doesn't have to be complicated - just a large dose of eye closing from the parents at the time (especially when there are scissors being brandished by over-eager three year olds) and a joint effort to clean up when it's all over. Simple!

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