Wednesday, 25 June 2014

capturing moments: the playground

This playground whirligig* has become an unexpected time capsule for photos of Sophie.  First captured in 2009, she's spun herself into the future, growing older, always with a touch of pink.  I posted something similar last year, just with the two pictures on the right.  It seems to be a great technique for comparison, seeing those cute little chubby pre-school cheeks fining down as she gets older, but never losing that cheeky, cheeky grin.  I love having this playground as a marker of her growth - I wonder if she'll still fit inside in twenty years' time?!

Do you have a favourite spot for your family photos?

(*Whirligig is the official name, is it not?!)


  1. Whirligig is far more sophisticated than our "the spinning apple!". They are beautiful photos.

    1. I think 'spinning apple' has a lot more thought put into it than 'whirligig'!