Friday, 11 April 2014

changing rooms...

I'm a big one for changing rooms.  I cast my eye over the place and think the space will work better this way or that and won't rest until it's done - much to my husband's delight!  Now that we're finally getting our house laid out just so, I've turned my attentions to my blog!  I've used a new template, but also went in behind the scenes and altered some of the code - scary, I know!  Google was, of course, a lot of help and I've managed to make my desired changes.  I'm going to reclassify some of my posts into more streamlined labels whenever I get the chance.  Of course, it's school holidays here, so it will be in between maintaining diplomatic relations between my children - wish me luck!


  1. My blog is looking increasingly dusty.... please stop it. But don't because it's inspiring.