Thursday, 6 February 2014

the writer's edition: month 11 check-in

The new school year has seen the stonefruitseason children filter in to various educational establishments, meaning that at one point this week, all three were absent from the house.  Their mother arrived home in a flurry, turned the computer on and shook the dust from her budding manuscript.  Within half an hour, she had achieved almost 400 fresh new words on the page and by morning's end, just over 600 - editing included.  These sessions are intended to occur twice weekly - Monday and Friday - when the youngest member of the house acquaints himself with the local kindergarten.  His mother is relived to report the first day at kinder a roaring success and that there have been numerous requests to return…

Yes, it's happening!  Monday's was a great success, adding new material and rewriting the old.  I've discovered that if I adopt an English accent and read my work out loud, it's much easier to edit than when I use my own droning Aussie drawl (luckily nobody knocked on my door as I was working!).  I do actually think this is a really good tip for other writers.  I know people say to read your work out loud, checking for flow and clarity, but a different accent adds another dimension - go on, try it some time and let me know!

Kinder is on again tomorrow and I'll do another mad dash home to get back in front of the computer.  I have just over 30,000 words to go - editing included - but I'm feeling more confident that the overall shape of my manuscript is coming together.  It's been helpful to have time away from the work and come at it afresh.  I'm still continuing to read as much as possible, finding that there are tips in every novel - a code behind the story if you like - depth of character, sentence structure, continuity and so much more.

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  1. Well done you, jumping right in to take advantage of a new YOU time slot! I've just been reading and constructively criticising my friends short work of fiction. I'm so in awe of you guys, coming up with a story and making the words happen. You have also got your photography to keep you creative, enjoy it all.x

    1. HI Avril!

      It's been very exciting to have time during the week when I know I can get back to writing! It's been a long time just thinking about it and doing lots of reading, both of which have been really helpful. It still is hard to fit everything in - and I don't want to go overboard - so it's a matter of working out what can slide and when!