Friday, 3 January 2014

the writer's edition: month 10 check-in

The sharp-minded amongst you will pause and think: where were the 8 and 9 month check-in posts - please accept my apologies for their absence!  They disappeared into the ether during my unexpected blog break - I will do my best to not let that happen again.  It's not very exciting, though, when I can't share my recent 1000 and 2000 word and more achievements when they're just not happening.  But I said I'd share the behind-the-scenes action of my novel and here it is, on hold until Jono starts kindergarten.
In realising that I'm not superwoman, I also lack the extraordinary self-focus required to sit amongst my family and write my tenderest, most carefully chosen words and turn them in to a best-selling (or even low selling) novel.  In the interest of better home living, we converted my office in to the sitting room it was meant to be, a place that now houses the television and witnesses our family down-time.  We relocated my desk in to the main, open kitchen-living area, which works well to a point, but doesn't allow for much quiet reflection.
Not wanting to sound like a martyr, I realised the needs of the family at some point actually did outweigh my own - an amazing realisation, you might say (!), but you'll be pleased to hear it's also been to my benefit.  We've moved the television from this main living area and in doing so, kept it from quietly mocking our children and reminding them when it's turned off - now, in the sitting room, it's out of sight, out of mind - a much better proposition.  It also means that I get a chance to walk away from this main, busy room around which my life pivots - that there's a quiet room away from here in which to retreat at the end of the day.
And computers being as they are - well this acts as our family computer and I don't like the thought of the kids being sequestered away from me, using it without supervision.  I'm happy to have technology central under my watchful eye - and it's actually easier, say, if I'm cooking dinner and the kids are doing homework, needing my help.  They're only a stone's throw from me and it's much easier to lend a hand.
I will get back to my novel writing in February, when Jono commences two morning sessions of kindergarten each week.  After I add in drop-off and pick-up, the time will probably condense down to just over 2 hours each of those days, but they will be 2 precious alone hours I haven't had for some time - and I can't wait!  Hopefully my boy will be just as enamoured of kinder as I will be of my writing time - fingers crossed.
The characters of my novel live on in my head in this fallow period.  I am wondering whether I should promote a very minor character to a more prominent position.  I have to start writing her to see if it's a goer.  She does have a very interesting story to tell and it could be woven in to Emily's story, I just have to work out how.  I started to write her part and managed 33 words before Sophie interrupted me to tell me the dogs wouldn't leave her alone.  My thoughts died mid-sentence and I reminded myself of the time to come in February - my quiet hours alone writing...


  1. sounds like your book characters are still developing, even if not on paper. They have a life of their own now! Most projects ebb and flow - sometimes other things happen, things like real life. Looks like your living arrangements are suiting everyone, making the most of all the space. happy little people is a good thing

    1. Thanks Avril! I guess the ebb and flow is why I'm still continuing with the updates, even though I haven't been recording the written word. It shows what's going on in the background, hopefully a realistic behind the scenes of novel writing! And yes, the little people are happy which is the main aim!