Tuesday, 21 January 2014

finding art in the every day - photography exhibition development

A quiet moment this morning gave me the chance to work on my photography exhibition.  I want to present my idea to the gallery owner over the next few weeks.  As ever for me, words and pictures are interlinked and I'd like both to have equal presence in this display.  Firstly, to connect everything together, I'm working on a photo book.  I'm using InDesign rather than one of the online companies.  This way I have control over the layout with a program I already know.  I won't print until I know it's exactly what I want - in the meantime, printing out drafts from home is fine.
Also, I'm not sure which images will make the final cut.  I'm working on about 20 pages for now, but who knows whether this will expand.  If I do this now, I've plenty of time to work out what I really like and what might make way for something else.  Hmmm, a tribe of elephants has been released into the house, breaking my concentration…  three kids and two dogs, no wonder I can only concentrate on writing one sentence at a time (one word?!).  Time to sign off me thinks and wait for another day!