Tuesday, 24 December 2013

on the day before christmas...

Christmas finally arrived in our house when the tree went up on Friday.  I was lucky to buy the last one in our local supermarket, with the added bonus of home delivery.  The kids were delighted to find it waiting for them when they came home from school - what a way to start the holidays!  They were beginning to think they were living with the grinch with no decorations around - there just hasn't been a spare moment to do anything.  I'm just as happy as they are to see a tree in the house - and nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree!
We're hosting Christmas here this year - after mum and Errol's big move, it is far the easier option.  The kids are very excited about having Christmas in their own home and not having to budge on the big day.  The menu is planned and I started on food yesterday - an unintentionally boozy ice-cream Christmas pudding.  I soaked the dried cranberries and apricots in brandy and may have added more than was needed.  Lucky I am so good at tasting as I work, so I was able to round out the flavour with a bit of vanilla, cinnamon and sugar.  With the honeycomb, chocolate and slivered almonds, this will hopefully be a hit!
This morning I've been roasting vegetables for our gravy and separately roasting beetroot for a salad.  Our menu is looking pretty tasty and I'm hoping to get a lot of the preparations knocked over today.  There's cleaning to do as well, I don't know how long my efforts will last with three kids, two dogs (babysitting mum and Errol's dog Bear) and a cat around, but we will keep our fingers crossed...


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    1. Merry Christmas to you too Elli, hope you didn't swelter too much!

  2. lovely tree. have a really good Christmas with your family - the food sounds good!

    1. It worked out very well - lots of fun! And yes, the food was delicious thank you!