Saturday, 28 December 2013

christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 photos are pretty light on - but perhaps it's not too surprising to find that it's hard to host dinner and take one million and one pictures…  Even without the photographic evidence, I can attest to a very successful day - more than enough presents and food for everybody - phew!  Joe and I feel as though we're grown-ups now we've finally hosted our first Christmas.  Luckily I was very organised, having pre-prepared a lot of food, which made the day all the more easier.  A great first run through before next year, when our numbers will surely grow with extra family around.
Perhaps my greatest relief was not being woken by Tom when he went to the toilet around 2 o'clock in the morning and decided to go through his stocking.  I don't know whether I would have recovered from that one…  Nor the early start at 5.30am when he woke again and pulled his sister from a drowsy sleep, enticing her to check her own stocking…  Don't you just love these cheesy grins prior to opening their main presents from us?  And below, the intense work that followed - putting the Lego sets together…
Tom was given a building on fire and Sophie, a cargo plane - both very well received gifts.  Jono now has a Lego starter kit - the beginning of quite an obsession, if his siblings are anything to go by!
 Can you believe this is the state of the table once the dishes were all cleared?  As one of my friends said, it looks too clean!  Lucky for me though, as I'm not too keen on spending hours in the laundry removing stains...
My Christmas miracle is the beautiful gardenia bloom - my older sister's family gave me money for my birthday last year and I bought gardenias.  This is the first of them to bloom - and on Christmas day!  It made a sweet smelling centrepiece on the table, along with my homegrown roses.
One of the most exciting recent additions to our house is our childhood piano.  Both Tom and Sophie are now learning little bits and bobs from me - we're on to Hot Cross Buns and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at the moment.  Along with the beautiful tunes, we're loving its dual purpose as a stand-in mantelpiece.  I've always loved a well-cluttered space in the house for family photos and assorted memorabilia - not so much the dusting, but I think it's worth the effort - don't you?!

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