Tuesday, 22 October 2013

vege gardening - communal style...

This is the sum total of our home vegetable garden efforts.  It's not for the lack of wanting more, it's just that setting up these raised beds is sooooooo expensive.  This planter alone was around the hundred dollar mark and I think I filled it with nearly that much worth in soil and straw alone.  The poppy project has introduced me to our local community garden - my project partner is a keen gardener, her raised beds are producing in abundance.  I have now taken up some beds of my own and today planted out seed potatoes - kipflers, nicolas and other randoms that sprouted at home.  I've added some sugar snap pea seeds to the edges of the bed - they're past their plant-before-by-date, but I didn't think there was any harm in trying.

Jono came along and occupied himself by trying to help with digging, planting and watering.  At 2 and a half his attention span is rather short, so I was amazed I got away with spending nearly a couple of hours there - I don't think I'll always be that lucky!  I brought home a basket filled with herbs that are grown for everyone to share and a lovely fresh leek that I look forward to frying in a little butter and having with dinner.  I can't wait to start eating our own produce and so much sooner than had I waited til we could afford to set up something here... which is just as well, because between Joe's car breaking down last week (battery AND fuel pump!) and our washing machine finally dying this morning, that home vege patch is looking a lot further away!!


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    1. Was his allotment communal? I can remember there being other people, but I thought they were his family. I was probably on too much of a sugar high to notice!! (and spitting out the bits of ants from the Minties!!)