Sunday, 6 October 2013

the writer's edition: month 7 check-in

Seven months in (plus however long it took all those years ago before I lost confidence and shelved my project) and I have just over 20,000 words left to write.  And to be honest with you, I've only just written once this month and that was today - 441 words to be precise.  I've done some editing - so easy when it's just a matter of picking up an A4 folder and opening up to a chapter, usually the first which I have been over and over and over.  But of course, being the first, it has to be just right.  If it doesn't grab the reader's attention - and especially a publisher's - it's all over, red rover!

And whilst not writing at full speed this past month - well these past few months - I continue to read, read, read.  I will be in the middle of reading a sentence from a random book and a small piece of text will come in to my head.  This morning, for example, I was reading dialogue between a couple skirting around a relationship - something completely unrelated to the thought it triggered which was a new scene between Emily and her mother.  Bizarre, I know, nothing to do with the 'will they or won't they' that I was reading in the book.  I think it's almost a matter of seeing beyond the writing and in to the method, if that makes sense?!

I'm hoping to write more consistently this month.  Term 4 begins on Monday and I have my fingers crossed that the warmer weather will mean less lurgies and more opportunities for writing new content. All in my own time of course, there's no place for superwoman here!  My original deadline is March - this is to have the 80,000 words finished and ready for editing.  That means about 4,000 words per month between now and then...  I think I will take it month by month and see.  Until next time!


  1. nice mug and nice update, sounds like your writing head still works even when you have so many other things going on. I have a book idea. It may just stay that way!

    1. HI Avril, I love the mug! It was part of a set given to me by a lovely cousin. Am very lucky!

      The writing goes on, absolutely! Yesterday, we had to drive to a nearby town - Joe in the driver's seat, so I was able to sit there and work through some scenes. Have lots of notes jotted down which is fantastic. Think we will have to do a lot more driving!