Monday, 28 October 2013

taking a walk on the wild side...

This post was meant to be about the legendary Paul Kelly, about whom the documentary 'Stories of Me' aired on ABC last night.  A quick glance at the headlines this morning, however, revealed the death of Lou Reed.  This iconic man of music will be forever remembered through his songs, particularly 'Walk on the Wild Side', one of my all-time favourites, even though the lyrics only revealed themselves in their entirety as I grew older!  One of my high school boyfriends was a huge fan, particularly 'Romeo had Juliette', 'Dirty Boulevard' and 'Vicious'.  Funny how music takes you back... not to said boyfriend however - shudder!!

Kelly, whose former band The Coloured Girls were apparently named for a line from 'Wild Side', could be considered our Australian Reed for his prodigious songwriting talents.  His anthems form odes to our country - 'Leaps and Bounds', 'To her Door', 'From Little Things Big Things Grow', 'How to Make Gravy' to name just a few.  I remember my best friend being given the album 'Under the Sun', probably for a birthday or maybe just because.  I was so jealous - I knew all the words of 'To her Door' and she didn't - it should have been mine!!

Last night's documentary reminded me I don't have enough Paul Kelly songs in my collection.  As Megan Washington said, 'he was the guy who wrote all the songs'.  For me - somebody who's trying to make and find both time and energy to write  - I am in awe of a person who truly lives out their creative desires, always chasing the next song.  It must be so satisfying to so fully express oneself - I look forward to the day when I can say the same thing about myself...

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