Wednesday, 4 September 2013

painting and planting

Sunshine and spring have finally arrived!  We've had the most fabulous time over the past few days, creeping outside and enjoying the fresh air, kids bouncing wildly on the trampoline, making new garden beds out the front and back, even planting out a hedge.  The nurseries nearby are doing great trade from us, I can tell you that much!
Jono and I watered our new plants, then came inside for a painting session.  I just love watching him work, so serious!  He's so careful with the paint too - the other guys just used to mix the colours on the paint into a brown splodge.
There's nothing really to share from our morning's efforts - just lines, shapes, marks, swirls.  It's not really about painting something, but more moving the paint around - hard to do anything requiring any concentration with a toddler at my side!


  1. So serious and cute - I love the curls. I can't believe how big he is getting! Love Aunty Kate xxooxx.