Friday, 27 September 2013

recent library books...

It's no secret that I love our local library.  I'm a great user of their internet search, in which they're linked to other libraries throughout Victoria.  Simply by adding '2013' into the publication date field, I'm able to reserve new books left, right and centre.  Then it's just a matter of running into the library and picking my books up from the reserve shelf - brilliant!  There have been more than a few gems lately and I feel very spoilt...
Real Homes offers a beautiful glimpse of stunning places around the world - nothing overdone, just images of places filled with items their owners love.  They really are...  real homes.  Just gorgeous.  I've taken lots of pictures of the pages for inspiration - outdoors and in.  Here's an example above - I love the artworks featured against the crisp white walls.
From the books in this pile and in the top, I would highly recommend Until I Say Good-Bye.  When she was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease), journalist Susan Spencer-Wendel set about living a year of joy - holidays with family and loved ones and living positively, rather than dwelling on the impending downsides of her incurable illness.  Susan wrote this book with her THUMB on an Iphone and presents an extraordinary view of resilience.  It's an amazing story and made even more so with Susan's wonderful sense of humour.

Another worthy mention is Just What Kind of Mother Are You? by Paula Daly - see what happens when a young schoolgirl goes missing.  The fact that she was meant to have been picked up by a school friend's mother adds another twist to the tale.  I wouldn't recommend reading the end first - don't ask me why, but I did.  Somebody else I know has the same bad habit...  Not recommended!!  Anyway...

Shoot the Moon by Billie Letts is an older book that I picked up off the shelves.  It's a tale of a young man's return to the town from which he'd disappeared as a baby.  He has only recently found out that he was adopted and goes in search of his mother.  When he finds out his disappearance coincided with her murder, he starts looking for answers.  It's another beautifully written novel and well worth searching out.

Anita Hughes' Lake Como is a quick and easy read based in the world of Italian aristocracy.  Hughes is an Australian living in America and this is the first time I've read her work.  A classic beach read and one for the school holidays when it's hard to concentrate on anything heavier.  Great work!

Gardening in Miniature is a favourite book of Sophie's and I think she'd like to see it appearing in her Christmas stocking.  She was inspired to make a miniature garden at her nana and pa's place and would like to make a few at home.  She wants you to know it is a very fun book and she really liked it.

What about you?  Any recent recommendations or old favourites??


  1. So funny to think that Sophie and I now read the same books! Loved it and it just makes me feel greedy to read more about what you are reading! xxoox.

    1. I will have another update in the next couple of days, great books out at the moment! Am nearing the end of Margot at the moment, it's amazing.