Thursday, 15 August 2013

new plants - good for the soul

Our nursery visit on Monday coincided with a quick storm and heavy rain, forcing us undercover.  I picked up the bargains I could find in a short amount of time, not wanting to get completely soaked.  My purchases have vastly improved the view from my bedroom window, which looks out on to a green colourbond fence - ew!  I'm hoping the ornamental quince will shoot up fast and stay in flowering mode year round - it's just gorgeous!  It's been joined by both red and yellow tulips and chinese star jasmine.  The dutch iris in the foreground was a gift from our lovely friends (along with a Chinese elm and a Japanese maple - lucky us!) and has been planted in full sun out in the back garden - can't wait to see it bloom.  Slowly, slowly, the garden is becoming ours...

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