Tuesday, 13 August 2013

laughing over broken eggs...

What do you do if an egg breaks and you're 6 and a half and full of mischief?  Squelch it between your hands of course!  It looks like thick homemade cornstarch paint and Sophie thought it felt terrific!
We're back from a quick break away in NSW, catching up with old friends and their two beautiful children.  We couldn't have asked for better weather on Saturday and Sunday - cold, but glorious blue skies and sunshine.  Perfect weather for picking jonquils!
Horse riding is now 'the' thing to do as far as my kids are concerned.  I'm about to sign off and find out about riding lessons - hideously expensive?  Here's hoping they're not!

Edited to add:
No riding lessons locally for under tens - Sophie will be very disappointed!  And the lessons for ten year olds are $50...  help!


  1. $50 a lesson?? Would probably be cheaper to buy a pony and keep it in the garden! Free manure too? x

    1. I know, I wondered how I could do it - perhaps a miniature, miniature?? Or they could just practice on our rocking horse!