Thursday, 4 July 2013

the writer's edition: month 4 check-in

Four months?  Really?  Is that all it's been?  Because it feels as though I've been at this story for a hell of a lot longer!  I guess that's what happens when you leave something sitting in your bottom drawer for years on end!

But seriously...

Of all these past few months, there have been two rather crucial and pivotal stages - the first, to actually come out of the closet and admit that I was writing - scary!  And to be talking about it both here - on my blog - and in the real world has become easier with practice.

The next really formative moment was last week when I rushed to get the first 50 pages of my manuscript ready to send away for entry to a development program.  This saw me really looking at the entire structure of my story and having to ensure it was taking the correct lineal path - no easy feat when I've really been concentrating on separate scenes until now, rather than sequentially threading them together.

I've questioned characters - even culled a couple - but have been able to pull their scenes in and incorporate them into other sections of the story.  And even this week - as I rework those 50 pages again (now that the deadline of the manuscript development program has been extended) - I have a firmer grip on where the story needs to go and how I will get there.

It's exciting!  It really is!  I'm so grateful I have the time now - until this year, our entire focus has been consumed (and I don't say that lightly) by getting in to our own home.  It felt so out of reach for so long and had started to feel as though it would never happen - not without major sacrifices to our family life (which thankfully, in the end, didn't have to happen).

And now here we are - six months in our new home - and I have a manuscript of over 55,000 words.  The next month is not so much going to focus on the daily word counts (which will inevitably grow), but rather focus on the storyline and sorting it properly from beginning to end.  No doubt, bringing me closer to the end itself!

Until next time!