Thursday, 25 July 2013

the bet: two months down, five to go

It's been over two months since I had cake, lollies, alcohol or any kind of junk food - a record for me.  I've made a bet with Joe that I'll abstain from the previously mentioned delicacies until my big December birthday.  Some days have been fine - in fact, I've been surprised with how easy they've been.  But others I could eat my arm off, I want lollies so badly - they're what I miss the most!  I've even had to bake for the family and not lick the bowl...  how boring.  Hopefully I'll last another five months - don't worry, I'll let you know if I fall off the wagon!


  1. At least lollies can stay for long enough on the cake for you to photograph them!

    1. Yes! And there's been a packet of Columbines sitting in my cupboard since I started this thing... although I do just wish Joe would eat them in case I get too tempted!