Wednesday, 3 July 2013

filtering the narrative voice (in pictures!)

The past week has been the most productive, structurally, of any so far in my writing.  Recently, a new narrative voice crept into my writing and I've been using it to prepare my manuscript for submission to a development program.  I talked about it with Kate and likened it to applying a filter over a photograph.  As with these picmonkeyed hydrangeas, the original sits at the left.  The version in the top-right corner has a lomo filter - it's brightened (to the point of highlighting) the centre of the image, then darkened the exterior.  The lower image has a cross-processed filter, deepening and almost adding a grittier layer.

Now, the original image (at left) is lovely as is - but you can see the difference made by applying these filters.  Whatever you think is the most successful is very much a personal opinion and as for myself - I have had some trouble making my choice!  But the new narrative voice is succeeding and it's most like the Lomo - vibrant colours with deep saturation...  at least, that's how I hope it appears! And for the next few weeks, I'll be working through the rest of my work and applying the Lomo - wish me luck!


  1. I am now literally adding sparkle filters to the dream photos at the moment - making magic visible!