Tuesday, 9 July 2013

developing character: writing insight

I've enjoyed this extra time to further develop the first 50 pages of my manuscript.  They are now off on their merry way to Brisbane and will be under consideration for a development program.  Having hastily sent them off a fortnight ago - to meet the original deadline - I found out the date had been extended until 12 July.  I have worked since then, scrubbing, cleaning, adjusting, polishing, wishing...  and have now posted them off again.  During this time I've been wondering about my main protagonist and the development of her character.  Would she do this?  Would she do that?  How do I best portray her reactions?

Last night, I gained an unexpected insight from 'House Husbands' - have you watched that yet?  Sunday nights are busy here with rival viewing commitments ('A Place to Call Home' needs to be recorded, while we watch 'The Time of Our Lives' - gosh it's riveting around here!! Oh and lovely to realise they're all quality Australian productions!), so I've been watching HH on catch-up tv...  Anyway!  One of the scenes showed an actor doing something so true to form, that I realised it doesn't matter what your protagonist does, as long as it's in - or out of - character and you explain it as such.  Does that make sense?  For me, it was a revelation - and from such an unexpected source!  It's given me the confidence to further develop Emily (there you go, easier to call her by name!) and her character in whatever way I like, as long as it makes sense and what she does is explained as such.

And the television viewing - who knew what great research it would provide?  Don't they say that inspiration comes from the most unexpected of places?  And character resolution as well, obviously!


  1. I had better go and do some research in front of the t.v. right now!

  2. What did they do specifically? I watched HH and can't believe we have to wait till 2014 for it to return!

    1. It was Mark with the ring after the Opera House incident - always bumbling (!) into comic situations. Yes, it will be great to see it back in 2014, won't it?!