Tuesday, 23 July 2013

building for the first time - lessons learnt in the 33rd house...

We've heard you need to build at least three times to get it right and I'm starting to believe in that wisdom.  Some of our irks are easily remedied and others will take time to sort out.  One thing that's really bugged us was that we only had one row of tiles around the bench surrounding the sink.  All it takes is a large tray to scrape against the plasterboard and it knocks off a bit of paint...  not ideal in a wet area.  Thankfully, we have friends building with the same company and when their tiler came to town last week, he popped in and did that extra row of tiling for us.  We're delighted with the results, particularly as it cost the princely sum of.... $20!  Bonus!
Our ensuite window is another problem area - it was all fine and dandy to look at the house plans,but when it was built we realised that a low window in the bathroom facing the street is not ideal.  The kids' bathroom has a horizontal window roughly the same size as the above, but is obviously...  horizontal.  It's above head height and a much better design.  Anyways...  I looked for a slatted blind to suit this area, but it was going to have to be custom made and very expensive (as this area is smaller than the ready-made sizes).  I whacked up some wrapping paper and left it there instead.  Until this curtain came along...
I'd had this fabric ready and I was waiting for some of that alleged free time that is meant to happen every now and then.  Realising it was nothing but a vicious rumour, I set myself up and made the curtain anyway.  I didn't make it the full length of the window because of the trees.  It's a bit hard to see in the pic above, but we have some rather lovely large gums visible from the bathroom window that I like to look at - I thought a cafe style curtain would give us the privacy we need, but also let in the light and the view of the skyline...  And if we ever build again, we will know that a portrait shaped window at the front of the house - in the bathroom - is not a good idea.  Lesson learnt - check!

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