Tuesday, 25 June 2013

when talking to your husband is a cure for nerves (aided by a beautiful bunch of camellias)

I had a crisis of writer's confidence last night.  I've had them less often, however now I've started looking into publishers the nerves are kicking in.  I am still a way off sending anything in for consideration, but the wobbles have found me all the same.  I talked it through with Joe last night, plus the fact that I've been considering applying for a manuscript development program run by an Australian publisher.  The first 50 pages of my manuscript have to be in Brisbane by next Monday.  As I only just found out about it, I only have a short turnaround time to polish everything, plus coming up with the $50 application fee and a return ticket to Brisbane if I'm successful.  I will see how I go over the next few days, but I have work obligations and the school holidays looming so I'm not going to overdo it trying to fit everything in.

As I talked about my writing with Joe, our conversation took a turn that I just had to share:

L: What if I'm delusional and wasting my time with this work?
J: Lots of famous authors have their first manuscript knocked back.
L: But what if I'm really just delusional?
J: That's irrelevant!
J&L: Laughter, snorts, giggles - try to talk - can't stop laughing....

And that was the end of that!

PS It was just as well Joe brought me home these beautiful camellias from work!