Tuesday, 11 June 2013

the flanders poppy round up!

It's all been about poppies here recently - Flanders poppies to be precise.  Our local town will feature Poppies for Remembrance between 11 - 17 November.  We hope to see as many Flanders poppies grown or made and displayed around the town to honour our heroes from years gone by.  It ties directly in with efforts to honour the three Victoria Cross recipients (more than any other town in the Commonwealth) and other former service personnel from the district.  There is such a long lead time on this project, not just because of the huge amount of work to do to ensure its success, but also because the time is right to plant poppies now.

My infectious poppy making to promote the initiative has inspired my sister Kate has been to paint a beautiful field of poppies today and link to my blog.  I  have noticed visitors arriving on my traffic feed and thought it best to do a round up of all things poppy and give you some background on the project!  I love this photo of Sophie (which featured in our local paper this week) hard at work with her finger knitting.

And here is the digital poppy trail from my poster promoting the initiative.  I'm back to crocheting poppies again, now that Sophie's basket liner is finished and think that any moment now I will be making poppies in my sleep.  I definitely will be by the time we reach November!  All heaps of work, but very exciting and a lot of promise for wonderful projects for many years to come.

Please leave me a comment if you'd like to be involved.